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let me introduce myself, my name is alena and i live with my husband ( we have been married 6 years),my daughter,violet ( 20) and my two sons daniel (13) and j.p. (11).we live in prairie grove, arkansas on 10 acres; which i am trying desperatly to make self-sufffient.
right now we have 5 horses,40 chickens,4 rabbits,5 chihuahuas and a great dane. (oh yea 3 cats)

38 of the chickens are babies and are just now getting their adult feathers. it looks like they are all gunna make it,raising baby chicks can be a challange---- especially keeping them warm enough.we bought the baby chicks for eggs for us to eat and to sell.
we finally sold a horse the other day and bought a barrel racer to replace her. everyone on the farm has to have a job

two of our rabbits are pregnant and due any day now. i am looking forward to the babies not only are they cute but being dwarf rabbits the should sell quickly.

speaking of selling we have 74 tomato and pepper plant to plant this weekend. some we will keep and can the rest we will sell at the f.
farmers market. well it looks like nothing is getting planted this weekend it hasnt stopped raining all weekend but at least we got the shed up for the goats which we did between rain drops.

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