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Balsam Fir pitch: Just slice open the pitch blister on the tree

Medicinal Uses of Balsam Fir Pitch

Dab it on cuts, abrasions, sores, and wounds as a salve. The pitch will form a protective cover that aids in healing and destroys organisms that would otherwise find the area a hospitable place to grow and multiply.

Because the balsam fir pitch is so sticky, it can be used to glue cuts together so that the healing process is accelerated and debris cannot enter.

smeared on lips it creates a protective barrier that keeps body moisture in and helps prevent chapping. On already chapped lips the balsam fir pitch will also aid in the healing process.

Medicinal uses of pitch from balsam firs used by Native Americans and early settlers to the region include:

Topical applications
Painkiller or analgesic
Salve for the healing of wounds such as cuts, abrasions, burns, sores, and chapped areas.
Prevention of chapped lips.

As a warm tea mixed with water or eating directly
Bronchitis, cough, consumption, and sore thoats.
Inflammation of mucus membranes.
Colds and flu
Urogenital ailments such as gonorrhea and vaginal infections
Heart ailments
Rheumatism or inflammation and pain in muscles and joints
As an inhalant for headaches
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I was told that any kind of fir tree that has the pitch blisters will work for this... not just balsam fir. My teacher used it on a deep cut when out in the backcountry and it sealed up perfectly.