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four more bags of fiddleheads for the freezer....9 in total?

Saturday, May 17, 2008
4:17 PM

Willem and I went down to the ferns through Dead Man’s Run, the valley between the house and cedar hillside.

We parked ourselves at the bottom of the hill and cut off fiddleheads, the tops of Ostrich ferns that are just coming out of the ground.

We did four plastic grocery bags. I'm beat.

That’s it. All done for the day.

Too bad those tomato plants aren’t in the ground yet! And those blueberry bushes.

It rained on us while we picked. I could see what my friend Barb had harvested the other day. She just took one from a clump. The stems of what she cut is still growing. Is that any good for the plant? It has no ferny leaves on it.

I cut all of the fiddle heads in a cluster, as most of them were just above the top of the fern mound. I didn’t cut many stems this time as the last time.

So now, thank you very much for all this food for the freezer, we have four bags to clean those little parchment things from and do up in boiling water.

I guess I’ll take some of them along tonight for people to taste.

Oh yes, I didn’t mention that tonight we have a presentation to do on Wild Harvesting. I’ll take along the frozen cattails and the fiddleheads, some lambs quarters and perhaps if I'm really good about this, I’ll go dig up a few burdock roots.

But that’ll be after I sit around for awhile and look pretty. Charming grin.
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