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primitiveliving's Journal

how did things get this way?

primitive living
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This community was created in order to find people interested in living off the land, people who want to eat wild foods and make a permanent life choice to live as free beings in nature. Anyone and everyone interested in this concept is welcome to join and share their thoughts.

We encourage the free trade of ideas, but please make an effort to stay on topic. Anything in the interests list is open for discussion. Related topics are OK as well if they stay within the "spirit" of the community.

However we ask that topics too far outside the interest list be taken elsewhere. There are a lot of great communities out there, and at least one of them will be very happy to talk about whatever you would like.

Lastly, we expect everyone to behave as an adult. Disagreements, even heated ones, amongst adults are one thing and are expected to be handled as such.... name calling, flame baiting, and other childishness however goes exactly NOWHERE and there will be zero tolerance for it. Its just not worth the hassle, disharmony, and discord.